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The Life of

Sukhdev Kumar Gangotra


The Arrival

Sukhdev arrived in the UK at the age of eleven, leaving his homeland “Bilga” in search of a better future. Life was tough, but he worked hard and began working as a bus driver when he turned eighteen.

In his spare time, Sukhdev pursued his passion for tailoring. His skills were passed down from his Father back in India, and he had honed them over the years to become an expert in his craft.


The Wedding

When Sukhdev and Surinder finally met on their wedding day, they were both nervous and unsure. But as the day progressed, they found that they had much in common. They bonded over their shared experiences as immigrants, and they both had a deep love for their homeland.

Sukhdev and Surinder’s marriage was not without its challenges. They had to navigate their differences and learn to adapt to each other’s ways. But they worked hard at their relationship, and over time, they grew to love each other deeply.


The Family

Together, Sukhdev and Surinder built a successful tailoring business. They worked side by side, with Sukhdev taking care of the tailoring and Surinder handling the production aspects of the business.

Their marriage was not a love story in the traditional sense, but it was a story of love nonetheless. Sukhdev and Surinder’s marriage was based on trust, respect, and a shared commitment to making a better life for themselves and their family.

And in the end, their marriage was a beautiful example of the power of commitment and dedication.


Saturday May 6th, 2023

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