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Unique Home Jalandhar

Make a Difference

Sukhdev had visited this orphanage with his wife Surinder, son Ashok and his granddaughters Anika and Alina in March this year, whilst on his last trip to his birthtown of Jalandhar in India.

The girl’s orphanage which was established 6o years ago by an orphan herself, takes in abandoned girls of all ages and provides them all with a home, the love, care, education, family support and life skills required for their upbringing until adult life. Unique Home currently supports the entire welfare of 80 girls and is completely reliant on donations and charity provided by the public.

Sukhdev and the whole Gangotra family was deeply touched by the selflessness of those who have dedicated their lives to ensuring all the girls are well looked after and cared for. As a pledge from our father in making a difference, we would like you all to join us in supporting this fundamental cause and making a change to the lives of so many girls.

We would like to thank you for your support and any donations made to support this cause.

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